Collection: Finest Imaginary

Finest Imaginary is the brand created by Kim Lawler, a designer/maker from Yorkshire, UK. With a love of bold colour, pattern, and a sassy tongue, Kim's designs always tend to raise a smile. Kim (head honcho at Finest Imaginary - me, hiya!) is a born and raised Yorkshire lass, excessive coffee drinker, championship cusser, and a dog, cat & tiny human mother. Graduating with a degree in Interactive Arts, Kim spent a few years in agency land before quitting the day job to live the work-for-yourself dream. Our laser cut designs are all made in-house from scratch. We use our own laser cutter to cut the intricate pieces which are all put together by hand in our studio. Our jewellery findings and chains are produced in the UK to our own specifications (we know you love a lobster clasp over a ring-closure!). We use specially picked manufacturers to make our pins, patches, and printed goods.