Collection: Bill Skinner

Bill Skinner is a designer maker from London, England. From the very beginning, he was born with a passion and fascination for quality craftsmanship and creative design.  In the 1980s, Bill began working with Butler and Wilson and Vivienne Westwood, two invaluable experiences that played an integral role in launching a steadfast relationship between the artist and both the fashion and costume jewellery industries. As Skinner’s success grew to attract critical acclaim worldwide, his work extended far beyond partnerships with renowned brands to include a number of royal commissions and noteworthy projects spanning over three decades. Many years later, prompted by the inspirations of his unique breath of past works, the designer introduced his own namesake brand in January 2012, debuting with an eponymous collection of remarkably charismatic and distinct costume jewellery and accessories. His exquisite first season launched to international praise, reinforcing the idea that the unconventional and interesting is often the most beautiful and admired.