Collection: Studio Lowen

Studio Lowen pieces are made with joy in our studio in West Cornwall. Founded in 2018 by Lisa, the company has grown from strength to strength over the past 4 years and is now a team of two and bit (Lisa, her studio assistant Amie and her husband Sam when he can). We make our products with the simple objective of designing and making pieces that bring happiness through aesthetic and functionality. Plus we love making them too! We predominately use beautifully soft Italian leathers, sourced from British suppliers to create leather accessories, earrings and homeware. We try to minimise wastage wherever we can by trying to use all of the leather hide, using the offcuts to make smaller leather pieces like earrings, keyrings to name a few. The name Studio Lowen was born simply from the idea of the Studio being a happy place to make and create, a place of joy. Lowen translates as happy or joyful in the Cornish language.