Collection: Naoi

I’m Namitha .... the creative mind behind Naoi, former IVF scientist, travel enthusiast and food lover! The journey towards Naoi started in 2016 while I was going through some challenging times in the early years of my son's autism diagnosis.  It was the perfect escape for me and provided me a way to recharge before facing the realities of everyday life at home.  With a lot of research, practice and a lot of patience….Naoi has evolved into the business it is today. I use wood and paper in the making of my jewellery and everything is handmade in my studio at home (only the laser cutting and UV printing on wood is outsourced) and I enjoy every aspect of the process of getting them to finished pieces. In September 2022, I made it as a finalist in the Jewellery category of the Irish Made Awards …an amazing recognition.  In January 2023, I was listed as one of the 'Ones to Watch' by Showcase Ireland and one of my products was also featured in the much coveted 'Showcase Edit'. It has been the best year yet for Naoi!  My processes and products continue evolving and improving and I am always testing new techniques,  substrates etc......everyday is a school day!  I like to challenge myself and I thoroughly enjoy every moment of it but longevity in this business is the ultimate goal and I can't wait to see what's in store for Naoi over the coming months and years!