Collection: the tickety boo coo

To quickly introduce myself, I’m Elaine, a glass half full kind of girl with a fondness for a highland cow, which was my inspiration for The Ticketyboo Coo. I'm originally from Nairn in the Highlands and grew up with a field of highland cattle along the road that I would chat with each day on my way to school. There's still cattle in that field and a visit home still consists of a quick chat with them, although I now have a couple of small people tagging along who are growing up to be just as fond of them! I work with fine silver in its clay form, sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones and every now and again a little splash of gold at my home studio in Edinburgh, to make a variety of products from earrings and cufflinks to bangles and necklaces, in styles ranging from my popular Scottish Seashell collection to Tickety and Boo the Highland Cows.