Designing your locket

 1. Choose your locket

We have a variety of lockets - large (includes large round, teardrop and heart) medium and small, with different platings and with or without crystals. You can see some examples below but please browse through the website to see our full selection.

When you choose a locket you are able to select a chain to go with it - either 18" or 30" in length. Alternatively you can choose to have your locket attached to a keyring fitting. 

2. Choose your back plate (optional)

Once you've selected your locket you need to choose some bits and pieces to go inside! Back plates create a background to your locket (ensure you pick the right size to match your locket). Mini charms go inside the locket to personalise it further. You do not have to choose a back plate - many people just choose mini charms. We do not currently stock heart shaped or teardrop shaped back plates. Here are some examples of our backplates:

3. Choose your mini charms

Large lockets (round, heart and teardrop) can fit around 10 charms inside.

Medium lockets can fit around 5 charms inside.

We will deliver your locket complete - with your tiny charms inside, wrapped and in a gift bag. If you choose too many charms to fit in your locket - we will send the extras separate and the wearer can change their charms around to suit their mood :) Here is a small selection of our available charms:

Here's some examples of lockets designed by our customers