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Helen Chalmers

Glass and Palladium Midi Mottled Studs - Dark and Stormy

Glass and Palladium Midi Mottled Studs - Dark and Stormy

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Glass and gold midi studs with a clear glass base and crushed furnace glass for a unique mottled effect.

Handmade from sculpted hot glass, 24 carat gold and surgical steel backs. The glass has been shaped freehand, so the earrings are not identical, but still a matching pair! (I think it gives them character!)

Surgical Steel is hypo-allergenic. The steel backs are fused into the glass while it is still hot, so no glue. They are made with a lovely shiny glass, and 24 carat gold leaf as an embellishment.

They are approximately 10mm.

A lovely gift or to wear all year round. They have been annealed in the kiln to remove all thermal stresses, so they are very durable. Please bear in mind that they are still glass, so they should still be treated with care!

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