Choose some charms for your locket

Once you've chosen a locket, select some charms to go inside. We'll put your jewellery together and it will be delivered beautifully gift wrapped. (If you order more than one locket, just add all your charms to the same order and we'll drop you a quick email to ask how you'd like your charms organising!) We recommend the following number of charms for our different lockets, although if you order too many we'll send any extras alongside and you can swap around the charms in your locket whenever you fancy!

  • Large Round Lockets - approx. 10 charms
  • Medium Round Lockets - approx. 5 charms
  • Small Round Lockets - approx. 3 charms
  • Heart Lockets - approx. 6 charms
  • Teardrop Lockets - approx. 10 charms

Add a back plate

Personalise your locket with an engraved back plate to create a background to your charms - or you can insert the back plate face down and the engraved message will be visible when you turn over the locket.